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Howdy true believers. It's been several months now, but we finally gotten a Who's-Who's of alternate earths brought to us by the always good (but a bit confusing) Grant Morrison. The list goes as followed.

Earth-0: The current New 52 Earth in all it's "glory"…
Earth-1: Where the stories from the Earth One are. I myself have only read the Superman and Batman stories, but it looks pretty good so far.
Earth-2: Wherein exists a Black Superman, a Muslim Dr. Fate and a Gay Green Lantern. OMG DC U R SOOO PROGRESSIVE!
Earth-3: Featuring the what, 16th incarnation of the Crime Syndicate?
Earth-4: Charlton/Pseudo-Watchmen Earth (Don't ask where Peter Cannon is. Just don't)
Earth-5: Marvel Family/all ages Earth
Earth-6: Just Imagine Earth
Earth-7: Rip-off of The Ultimate Universe
Earth-8: Rip-off of the Marvel Universe
Earth-9: Tangent Earth
Earth-10: Nazi Earth
Earth-11: Rule 63 Earth
Earth-12: Batman Beyond Earth (Why does DC hate the rest of the DCAU?)
Earth-13: Horror Earth
Earth-14: UNKNOWN
Earth-15: destroyed “Perfect” Earth from Countdown (Which one was this again? I can't remember)
Earth-16: World that's a rip-off of The Hills that will also never become dated
Earth-17: Atomic Knights/post-apocalyptic Earth
Earth-18: Wild West Earth
Earth-19: Steampunk Earth
Earth-20: Pulp Earth
Earth-21: New Frontier Earth
Earth-22: Kingdom Come Earth
Earth-23: Afrocentric Earth (The one where Obama actually is an illegal alien)
Earth-24: UNKNOWN
Earth-25: UNKNOWN
Earth-26: Cartoon Earth (Nice to see Little Cheese is looking good after being dead)
Earth-27: UNKNOWN
Earth-28: UNKNOWN
Earth-29: Htrae (It Is Bizzaro)
Earth-30: Red Son Earth (In Soviet Earth, retcons hate you!)
Earth-31: Pirate Earth
Earth-32: Mashup Earth (Remember that one Elseworlds story in which Bruce Wayne became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814? This is the same concept, but on drugs)
Earth-33: YOU ARE HERE
Earth-34: Rip-off of Astro City
Earth-35: Rip-off of  Rob Liefeld's work
Earth-36: Rip-off of Big Bang Comics
Earth-37: The Howard Chaykinverse
Earth-38: Superman/Batman Generations Earth (I am happy for this)
Earth-39: Rip-off of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
Earth-40: Evil Pulp Earth
Earth-41: Rip-off on 90's Image Comics (Like we didn't need any more garbage from that era)
Earth-42: Chibi Earth (Insert mandatory kwaii desu here)
Earth-43: Vampire Earth…
Earth-44: Metal League Earth
Earth-45: Home of Superdoomsday (A world in which Superman was co-opted by a corperation and turned into monsterous, troubled, anti-hero. Where have I heard that before?)
Earth-46: UNKNOWN
Earth-47: Love Syndicate of Dreamworld (Everyone in this universe should get a job)
Earth-48: EVENT Earth
Earth-49: UNKNOWN
Earth-50: Justice Lords
Earth-51: Kirby Earth

Well that's about it. The guidebook I think did it's job of answering questions, but it also raises so many others. But either way, I highly recommend picking it up and spread the word.
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